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Total Defense Online Backup provides easy-to-use, anytime-anywhere backup capabilities, usually only available to corporations. You can customize your backup software settings and save a copy of your data online, on a USB, or even on an iPod. Total Defense Online Backup lets you protect your pictures, documents, music, and everything that’s important in your digital life...even your PC operating system! Get a virus? Just delete everything and restore your backed-up copy. Our online storage is second to none when convenience and reliability is critical. No need to remember to backup your data; online backup automatically saves all changes. Back up any data, anytime, anywhere - with a few easy click Total Defense Online Backup provides easy-to-use, anytime-anywhere backup capabilities. You can customize your backup settings and save a copy of your data online, on a USB, or even on an iPod. Total Defense Online Backup gives you the flexibility and power to backup files and eliminate worry. Backup your MS Outlook to two of our eleven global data centers daily, perform a PC backup of your hard drive every night, or backup your "My Music" folder to your iPod each hour. You can also engage LiveProtect™ to have Total Defense Online Backup monitor your files and provide continuous real-time data protection. With Total Defense Online Backup, you save it and we back it up-offsite, invisibly and automatically-keeping an unlimited version history, so you can roll back to any point in time. Total Defense Online Backup offers true multi-destination, multi-schedule backup at an affordable price. So you can back up your data like big corporations do-without the big price tag. Key Features: * Integrated Local Backup: Lets you back up your entire system, including operating system files, your data to any external hard drive, USB stick, or even an iPod. * Powerful Recovery: Keeps all versions of your backup, so you can roll your data back to an earlier version any time you want. With a time machine feature in Total Defense Online Backup, you can see a snapshot preview of your files and versions for any given date and roll it back to that date. If you want your tax records, for instance, you could try to look for files saved around the date of April 14. Total Defense Online Backup makes backing up and restoring a snap. * Continuous Data Protection: Engage the Live Protect™ Continuous Protection module in Total Defense Online Backup for real-time backups. This feature monitors files for changes and instantly backs them up. You have online backup every time you click the "save" button. * Enhanced Security & Privacy: Protect your information from prying eyes using a three-tiered encryption system. Your data is encrypted on your computer first, then it’s encrypted in transit and finally encrypted again in storage. You can also opt for Total Defense UltraSafe™ patented technology that encrypts your data in a way that even Total Defense’s engineers cannot decipher without your password. Our industry-leading security is unmatched by most online storage solutions. * Enterprise Compression & Transfer Systems: Total Defense Online Backup utilizes high-tech compression technology to read and save only changes made to target files, ensuring smaller upload sizes (as small as 5 KB per day for a 500 MB database) and making for faster online backup of files. * Flexible Scheduling: Daily. Weekly. Instantly. You can choose when to run Total Defense Online Backup. With flexible scheduling, you can back up your files when it's convenient for you. You can set the time interval between backups or perform ondemand backups. Total Defense Online Backup works around your schedule, not the other way around.

Systems: Windows 7, WinXP, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows 7 x64

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